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Multifamily unit access control



Zentra has been specifically designed to meet all the unique needs of a multifamily property. Starting with the centralized management feature which allows administrators to manage multiple access points from a single location, making it easier to control access to different areas within the premises.

Additionally, the use of advanced authentication methods such as biometric authentication enhances the security level of the organization by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access secured areas. Security is a top priority, but convenience and ease of use haven’t been left out of the equation.

Our workflows have been designed with busy property managers in mind. Zentra offers customizable access policies that can be tailored to specific user groups or areas within the property, providing a more granular security control. Zentra is also highly scalable, allowing organizations to easily add or remove access points as needed. Even better, Zentra workflows have been designed to be intuitive enough to quickly learn and train, so you spend less time during staff turnover keeping your building up and running.

Consumer Benefits:

Zentra redefines the resident experience in multifamily properties. Combining software and hardware in a holistic way for maximum benefits. Residents can use one app to access everything they need in the building, making life easier and safer.

Zentra extends to move-ins and move-outs, where traditional keys are replaced with mobile credentials. Plus, residents can use the app to access shared spaces like gyms and lounges, fostering a sense of community.

Zentra offers enhanced convenience, security, and a modern living experience. Zentra’s commitment to seamless integration helps multifamily properties provide an exceptional and technologically advanced environment for their valued residents.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Properties are faced with many issues every day. From retention of staff and residents to many complex problems falling on the lap of the property manager. Zentra aims to solve a key issue, while also making it simple to learn and manage. Access control should not be a factor in the day-to-day management of a property. Security and convenience meet with Zentra. Zentra access control software provides a secure and efficient way to manage access to buildings, apartments, and other areas within the property. This helps to ensure the safety and security of the residents and their belongings.

Zentra offers a range of features that make it easier to manage the property and its residents. For example, the software can be used to grant or revoke access to individual units or common areas, track the movements of residents and staff, and generate reports on access activity.

Zentra also offers a seamless access experience for residents that can not only attract new tenants but maintain the goodwill of your current residents.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our Zentra Authorized Integrator (ZAI) Program. This program offers comprehensive in-person training to integrators, enabling them to sell, install, service, and support Zentra, which in turn elevates property experiences. Upon certification, they receive the ZAI title, which symbolizes our dedication to seamless integration. We also provide support by training property managers in software usage during installation and provide training materials and videos to properties, ensuring stability despite staff turnover.

Zentra is supported in its alliance with Allegion, a leader in security. A dedicated development and QA team ensures consistent enhancements. Our updates and features stem from thorough research, meeting the industry’s utmost needs.

At Zentra, we have a strong support system made up of marketing, customer success, and support teams. This helps us keep our customers in the loop about upcoming features and ensures we work together to provide innovative and excellent service.


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