Aareas Interactive -VDC Pro

The VDC Pro is an online and in design center visual home configurator. Its powerful capabilities include:

• Streamlining hundreds of design appointments by beginning online.
• Calculate mortgage impacts & required deposits, making it easier to justify extensive upgrade spending.
• Allows buyers to sign online from the comfort of their homes.
• Visually represent their color and material selections online, on a touchscreen or within a VR headset helping buyers making decisions easier with confidence & without future regrets. The main drivers that set Aareas’ VDC Pro aside from other traditional design studio processes and home visualizers are its:
• Smart configurator technology, which ensures only compatible options are selected.
• Real-time pricing is accurate and reliable regardless of the time or region.
• Auto-saving features.
• Online purchase & contract completion.
• Online design appointment booking.
• Simple and straightforward setup of pricing & catalogue by the design team, which enhances scalability without headaches.


The VDC Pro lets buyers visually design their dream home online at their convenience while assuring that they can afford their monthly mortgage payment. All in real-time, buyers no longer need to wait days to get a quote for an option. At any time, the consumer can touch and feel the physical samples in the design centre or work with a professional designer. Most notably, homebuyers love the VDC Pro because they can:
• Capture more of what they desire in their dream home, with less headache.
• Have an unparalleled selection experience.
• Never be concerned about making sure they selected compatible options.
• Understand immediate deposit and mortgage impact.
• See an accurate visual representation of what their home will look like.
• Do all of this online, in the design center, or using a VR headset.
• Do this from the comfort of their home, on their own time, and from any device.
• Even finalize and sign for their selections and upgrades online!

Builders and Contractors:

In a real-time, connected world, customer experience is EVERYTHING. With the VDC Pro consumers can design their dream home from the convenience of their home, work from the design center, check pricing in real-time and even sign online. Allowing consumers to spend more money by visually showcasing their options and their mortgage impact online. Above and beyond that, the VDC Pro provides the following advantages to builders & developers:

• Reduces errors and mistakes.
• Reduces design appointment lengths.
• Reduces the number of design appointments.
• Prevents incompatible home configurations.
• Prevents necessary items from being missed when configuring a home.
• Drives additional upgrade revenue through appealing visuals.
• Can push selections details into most construction ERP platforms.
• Simplifies product setup.
• Simplifies pricing maintenance and setup. Who wouldn’t want a solution that saves them time and makes them more money?

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