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Utour – On-demand showings and self-guided tours


UTour is an innovative service that allows home shoppers to enjoy interactive, self-guided tours of a home builder’s inventory homes, models and sales centers on their schedule, day or night. It— the industry’s— first integrated solution for on-demand home tours that combine unattended access and AI-powered voice technology using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

UTour can be launched under its own brand or fully customized to fit within the builder brand. It becomes a seamless extension of the builder’s website and a vital tool to help them sell more homes.

Home shoppers can schedule a one-hour tour through a quick 4-step process and then access the home using a unique digital code to unlock the front door. As they self-tour the home, they can engage the voice assistant to get answers about home details and options or launch videos and smart home features. The content is unlimited and easily managed via a browser-based content management system or data feed.

After the tour, automated email and text messages are sent to the prospect, suggesting next steps with your sales team. The builder receives a detailed report of the prospect’s engagement with the home, website and any related marketing collateral.

Consumer Benefits:

Home shoppers have busy schedules, and they may not align with the builder‚ sales center hours, which are often limited to 10am to 6pm. UTour allows these busy home shoppers the flexibility to tour new homes on their schedule without having to initially interact with a sales person during the tour. However, a sales person can easily be contacted by the shoppers via the automated text messages delivered during the tour and via the voice assistant technology. This creates a better experience that empowers home shoppers to tour and experience new homes – on-demand and on their terms.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

“Every builder wants to sell more homes and grow their business. To make that happen, you need one thing – more traffic. But technology has changed the way we shop for everything. Today’s consumer wants to find a home on their terms, and they don’t want to talk to a salesperson until they decide they’re ready.

UTour is a fully integrated system that reduces friction in the sales process by making it easy for home shoppers to have on-demand access to inventory homes, models and sales centers when it works best for their schedule, even early mornings or late evenings. The voice assistant component allows for a consistent sales presentation and creates a relaxed experience, allowing prospects to casually walk through the home without the pressure of dealing with a salesperson.

It’s the convenience today’s home shopper demands. And it’s the first step to more traffic and more sales.

VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W43q2USHn-QjTbS14LR7H6vD4qgQm08e

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