In this edition of Executive Forum, Joan Webb, Former CMO and advisor to The New Home Company, and John Galante, President of AE Ventures, host a discussion with leaders in the homebuilding industry. Panelists include Richie Eubanks, President of Hughston Homes, Gena Kirk, Vice President of Corporate Studio at KB Home, and Mark Lamoureaux, President and Co-Founder of Alpha Vision.

John provides an overview of the history behind the Housing Transformation Summit and its main purpose, which is to create a holistic approach to incorporating innovation in the industry. This includes adopting superior digital marketing tools in terms of virtual tours, 3D interactive tours, and digital design tools that allow customers to personalize their perfect home.

Mark shares the milestones that have transformed the industry since 1993. “I always try to look at the way disruption happened in the past,” says Mark, “if you wanna know the future, look at the past, it’s been very exciting of those years, and we really look toward the next steps.”

Joan and Gena to talk about innovation in personalization and custom options for buyers. Gena shares the importance of data and market intel for her company, and understanding what suppliers want in order to serve customers better. Online tours, leaning into suppliers content, and online studios allowed KB to go 100% virtual in order to be successful and engaging post-COVID.

Richie Eubanks talks about Hughston Homes, which is employee-owned and was started in 1972. He shares the opportunity created by COVID in terms of luxury homes. “We’re going to include a base package, your ring doorbell, your front door lock lights, thermostats, and allow people the opportunity to basically run their home from their cell phone,” he says. “It’s all in the demonstration, you’re selling a brand new home versus a used house, you have to make sure you differentiate those two things,” he says. According to him, one important difference between used and new homes is energy consumption, a key factor in the north and south in where there’s a lot of energy used.

The group discusses their various marketing strategies in terms of creating a presence in new and existing markets, building a successful marketing team, and utilizing social media.

Watch this video to learn more.

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