The Greyter HOME™

The Greyter HOME™ is a compact, fully automated water recycling system that can reduce indoor water consumption by as much as 25 percent in a family home. The system captures water from showers and bathtubs, treats it to a near-potable quality and provides clear, odor-free water to meet a home’s toilet flushing demands. The Greyter HOME™ is currently the only practical, cost effective, certified NSF 350 solution on the market for single family homes. It is the single greatest indoor water conservation solution for new homes that has a small foot print and is installed in under 3-hours. There is no other appliance in the home that can provide the kind of benefit to a builder when confronting the challenge of creating water efficient communities. When negotiating land deals or site plan approvals for prospective developments, builders can now showcase a solution that offers significant water savings for the community. It may be the difference maker in obtaining approvals to build and in some regions will allow builders to reduce tap fee connections, increase density, or expedite permits. It makes no sense flushing toilets with perfectly good drinking water and now with the Greyter HOME you don’t have to.

Consumer Benefits:

For the end user it’s all about reducing your water and sewer bill by up to 25%. Toilets are the biggest wasters of water in a home, and showers and bath typically make up 30% of indoor consumption. Typically just 2-showers a day will meet 100% demand of toilet flushing for a family of 4, so supply will almost always exceed demand. Water and sewer rates are continuously rising, and it’s not uncommon to see municipalities introduce annual increases of 5-10%. When you think it about it, it makes no sense flushing toilets with perfectly good drinking water, and in water stressed regions like California, this is top of mind, so there is a huge environmental benefit to homeowners as well. Our solution has significant benefits to all off the stakeholders, water utilities, municipalities, builders, developers and for the homeowner, it’s about saving money and doing the right thing.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Municipalities are recognizing the benefits of residential water recycling to conserve regional water supplies and help create water-efficient communities, especially in areas where growth is constrained by limited water resources. The Greyter HOME™ plays an important part in helping communities implement long-term, sustainable water management strategies and its use in new home construction can enable builders to achieve municipal incentives for water conservation such as:

 Lower water connection fees;
 Accelerated permit approvals;
 Development credits;
 Greater density of homes in a development project Over the long term, the Greyter HOME™ also contributes to a sustainable water management strategy for the community and helps homeowners save money on water and sewer costs.

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