This panel, sponsored by Dun Today, explores the financial and transactional collaborations that can enhance sales opportunities. Joan Webb, Former CMO and advisor to The New Home Company, and John Galante, President of AE Ventures, host the discussion with panelists Steve Rider, Builder Trade-In/Keller Williams; Travis Rulle, Chief Operating Officer, FBC Mortgage; and Jeff Trapp, Executive Vice President at Interior Logic Group.

Ty Udell, who is the founder of Dun Today, delivers the opening remarks of the presentation. Dun Today is an on-demand solution for home builders, home warranty companies, professional services companies, and homeowners to connect in real time.

Travis presents a forward vision for the mortgage space, which relies on back office execution and offering pre-approval upfront, as well as applying automation to the process. Travis explains the goal of having an application that can fully underwrite the documents and the data, and give a verified approval within that hour or two. “Now it’s time to really look at some automation, but implementing automation intelligently in your operations,” he says.

Jeff talks about the current moment in time when buyers still have the money to spend, they’re not running up against their mortgage caps, and there’s still dollars out there that they can spend. Nevertheless, supply chain issues have created various challenges. “I believe that the buyers trust the builders to be able to get the products to them, so do I go to Home Depot after closing or can I trust my builder to provide more to me even if it’s at a separate transaction post-closing?,” he asks. Jeff talks about the opportunity of making money available to buyers as they discover that they want to personalize their homes and decide to make a bigger investment, even pre-occupancy.

Steve, talks about the role of realtors in consulting with buyers, which allows them to get a sense of how buyers would finance a potential transaction. He talks about the Builder Trade-In company, which provides various innovative services for home buyers and sellers, and discusses various repeat and referral opportunities connected to new homes.

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