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Revolutionizing Homebuilding with Higharc | A chapter from “Higharc: Power User Guided Tour” Webcast.

Higharc Showroom is a configurator for customizing homes online. It offers a home-buying experience for sales agents and home buyers to choose and customize homes for purchase. Higharc Showroom offers the following features:

  • 3D: Show structural options in rich 3D
  • Permit-ready CDs: Accurate permit-ready CDs and CAD docs
  • Data-driven home visualization: High quality data-driven home visualization
  • Building models: Create PO assemblies directly from building models


The webcast features Marissa Kaiser, Process Improvement Lead at Buffington Homes of Arkansas, and Jennifer Hoops, Solutions Consultant at Higharc, who provide an in-depth exploration of the platform’s features and benefits. They showcase how Higharc seamlessly integrates various aspects of the building process, from design and engineering to sales and selections, empowering new home builders like Buffington Homes to achieve supreme operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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