Event and information resource helped builders and tech vendors make extraordinary progress on home and builder tech, positioning the industry for rapid growth as technologies and the market mature.

Launched as a tabloid-sized print publication in 2001 at the apex of the dot com bubble and transformed into a market-moving hosted style event and online information resource in the wake of the 2007-2013 great housing recession, TecHome Builder is celebrating its 20th anniversary as it opens its second TecHome Builder Summit of 2021 in Seattle. TecHome Builder has been a catalyst for widespread implementation of smart home security, home automation, robust network infrastructure, installed AV entertainment and more recently for healthy home and energy tech and the smart connected kitchen. It stands ready to help builders, multifamily companies and their tech vendor partners implement more advanced technologies that will pour into new homes as differentiators vs. used homes and homebuyer delights.

At the TecHome Builder Louisville in August, a first class of TecHome Arc of Achievement Award winners were recognized, including ADT, Alpha Vision, BDX, BH Management, Broan Nu-Tone, Compo Builders, Hardwick General Contracting, KB Home, Legrand, Moore Peak Performance and Leadership, Nortek, North Star Luxury Homes, Savant, Shea Homes, Toll Brothers and UDR. These are just some of the industry leading companies that embraced the challenge, partnered with TecHome Builder and did the hard work required to get home and builder tech off the ground.

“We’re grateful to the tech vendors and the builder and multifamily company readers and guests of TecHome Builder for engaging with us through 20 years of twists and turns on tech and homebuilding,” said AE Ventures president and TecHome Builder founder, John Galante. “It’s been a fascinating and sometimes difficult ride, and we should all be proud of where we have arrived and excited about the prospects before us.”

“In the world of B2B events and media its rare that you can really help make a market,” added AE Ventures, Executive Vice President, Nancy Franco. “TecHome Builder is that kind of brand, and we couldn’t be prouder or more grateful to all who’ve contributed to the progress.”

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