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Standards & Options for Gathering Spaces: Kitchens, Great Rooms, Dining Rooms & Outdoor Living — Housing Transformation Finishes & Personalization Panel Discussion at THBS & HTS Fall 2023 in Phoenix, AZ.

What are the up-to-date and innovative gathering space finishes you should be looking at as standards vs. options for various market bands and demographic cohorts? What are some of the keys to uncovering interest in them, presenting them, and getting buyers to “yes?” We asked some of the best-finished home options salespeople for their advice.

Track Chair: Nancy Giangeruso – BCD-it™

Our Panel Includes: Ali Richert – Wayfair | Maryanne Hibner – Hibner Design Group | David Bishop – Elevation Living Walls | Brenda Kountz – JR McDade | Nathan Diehl – Deako

Sponsored By: Higharc


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