Upcoming Events: Fall 2024 - November 5-7, Pasadena CA | Spring 2025 - April 15-17, Orlando FL

Sponsor Resources

Take advantage of events that deliver scheduled, guaranteed engagements with innovation leaders at the nation’s most powerful builder and multifamily companies. Browse our FAQs and look through our resource documents:


How is this event different from a trade show?
THBS-HTS is a hosted style event, which delivers guaranteed, pre-scheduled engagements for sponsoring companies with vetted decision-makers. This type of event removes the risk, waste and uncertainty typically found in the tradeshow model.
How long has this event been going on for?
AE Ventures has been producing the TecHome Builder Summit since 2014.
When/Where are the upcoming events being held?
The 2024 events will be held April 23-25 in Nashville, TN and Nov. 5-7 in Pasadena, CA. (For more details, click here(link to event home page).
How do I know if my company is a good fit?
Check out the product taxonomy on this page or contact Colin Cocaine (colin@ae-ventures.com or 508-618-7007) to discuss your company’s needs. (relink to sponsor page)
What is a boardroom?
Boardroom presentations are a unique sponsorship opportunity. Each boardroom is a 35-minute time slot where you’ll present to a group of 9-14 guests from the audience track of your choosing. The content of your boardroom presentation is entirely up to you, but we suggest highlighting case studies, product proof of performances and focus group initiatives.
What is a one-on-one meeting?
One-on-one meetings are an intimate sponsorship opportunity that take place in your booth space on the exhibit floor. These meetings are 15 minutes in length and are intended to provide both parties the option to determine if there is an interest in exploring future collaboration. We suggest using these meetings as brief flyovers and uncovering pain points.
Where can I find the list of who’s attending?
Reach out to Leigh from Customer Success at leigh@ae-ventures.com for the latest guest list.