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Sponsor Engagement Types

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1:1 Meetings
  • 15 minutes scheduled at your exhibit
  • Profile info provided in advance to plan engagement
  • Enables personalized exploration of needs and potential for opportunity
  • Close a next meeting with purpose, time and maybe additional stakeholders
  • 35-minute presentation to one or more groups of 10-12 guests in a meeting room.
  • Furnishings, screen and projector provided.
  • Profile info provided in advance on all guests in group.
  • Use survey to close next steps>
General Sessions
  • Up to 10-minute presentation at start or conclusion of general session content.
  • Logo on advance and onsite promotions, signage, slides.
  • Literature distribution
  • Video capturing of presentation provided to sponsor as lasting asset.

All packages include the opportunity to network with guests during:

  • General sessions
  • Connections Reception
  • Browsing hours on the exhibit floor
  • After Hours Meet up

Events Tacks

Our TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are each broken down into three content tracks, or, segments, for our hosted builder and multifamily guests to choose from. Depending on their products and services, event sponsors can choose to sponsor and engage with guests from a specific track, or mix and match between guests from multiple tracks. When it comes to selecting which audience, for many vendors and solutions providers, the answer is “and,” not “or”.

What is TecHome Builder Summit? (THBS)

As the horizon of technology in homebuilding expands, so do we!

The mission of THBS is to help builders and multifamily companies expand and improve their home tech offers and processes. We encourage builders to play in many categories across the broad TecHome product taxonomy, to enhance every room and space in the home with tech, to play the applications trends and improve every step in the collaboration process continuum. It’s the heart of our content and what inspires guests to partner with our event sponsors.

THBS is organized by three content tracks for hosted guests to choose from, and for sponsors to engage with:

Home tech for high-volume single-family homebuilders, with 50 or more starts annually, including the very biggest multi-market builders and regional builders. Strengthen and broadening tech offers (both standards and options packages) and improving processes are content keys.
In-units, shared space and property-wide tech for large multifamily property developers and operators. Again both product, process and investment justification are covered in general sessions.
Home tech for luxury custom builders serving high-end clientele. We work to expand builders’ understanding of the possibilities of lux and how to present to clients and design product early in the process.

What is Housing Transformation Summit? (HTS)

The mission of HTS is to help builders grow their share of market from single digits at the start of this decade to close to 20% by decade’s end.

Builders can do this by innovating more quickly to produce new homes that are much better than used houses and by leveraging digital transformation to market, sell, design, produce and support homes more efficiently and effectively.

HTS is organized by three content tracks for hosted guests to choose from, and for sponsors to engage with:

Digital Solutions
Digital solutions and services that help builders: 1) find and connect with online home shoppers early, 2) drive shoppers down the funnel by leveraging interactivity, visualization and virtualization and 3) leverage digital design center–online and in physical design sales environments—to helps buyers realize the dream of a finished home and deliver it profitably and on schedule.
Finishes & Personalization
How are lifestyle and décor trends driving change in the floor plans, designs and finishes that are so critical to winning buyers and differentiating new vs. used? How do we maximize sell-through? These are the key subjects of this track.
Structures & Systems
Some of the biggest and most difficult to replicate differentiators of new vs. used homes are in-between or below the walls. Structures and systems can deliver valued differentiation like energy and water efficiency, health and wellness, resilience and integration, and how to market and present the features and benefits.


Our pricing is a la carte and fully customizable based on your engagement preferences, staffing and budget. We’ll work with you to come up with a package that guarantees you’re meeting with the right builder and multifamily companies, in the right settings to exceed your goals. Explore your options with our pricing calculator!

Media Kit

From at-event promotional items to webcast series and custom blog posts, we have many additional sponsorship opportunities and content marketing offerings to help you meet your goals. Whether you want to build brand awareness, establish thought leadership, or simply grow your own content collection, we’ve got the right opportunity for you in our 2023 Media Kit.

Verified excellence through consistent high ratings.

“The TecHome Builder Summit is amazing. It actually prepares us, not like at other shows. We know right up front with whom we are going to meet. We get the guest profiles in advance so we can go through those and research. We know exactly how many homes they build, what their budget is and what their pain points are. It’s very effective.”
— EVP of Design and Digital Marketing, Biorev
“It’s not just the one-on-ones and boardrooms, but it’s all the time you get to meet with the builders. The lunches, the networking, you just get to build better relationships, and it’s all built around relationships. At the TecHome Builder Summit, they remember you, and it’s just easier to connect.” — Director of Sales for New Construction, RWC
“We really love the TecHome Builder Summit. It’s been tremendous. The opportunity to do the one-on-ones, boardrooms, speaking engagement opportunities on the big stage. You deliver it all, including the booth space. It’s more intimate. It’s difficult to be intimate at a big show, where at the Summit, we really get close with the folks who are there. It’s been really effective.” — CEO, Avid Ratings
“Normally we’re hopping over different gatekeepers and trying to find a different decision-maker. Whereas, here, we got one-on-one time with the exact key decision-makers that we need to talk to from the beginning. So, they’re able to pull the trigger right there and then.”
— VP of Sales, Aquor

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