Shantel Bill

Chief Strategy Officer, Schumacher Electric

Shantel launched her professional career over 25 years ago in the legal industry working with various Fortune 1000 product manufacturers. She has been in-house with Schumacher Electric Corporation, a global 75-year-old manufacturer of power conversion products, since 2007. During her tenure at Schumacher, she has worked closely with Schumacher’s ownership on all facets of the product lifecycle, from development, manufacturing, customer sales, and consumer acceptance. As Schumacher’s Chief Strategy Officer, Shantel leads Schumacher’s legal, HR, and strategy departments. The most rewarding part of Shantel’s day-to-day job is building and executing the channel strategy, business development, and partnership relationships for Schumacher’s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Level 2 Residential Charging). Shantel and Schumacher are eager to help builders support their consumers through the Energy Independence journey, which includes electric vehicle charging.

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