Amber and Lance Boyce, co-founders of Mono Slab® EZ Form, join the Housing Transformation Webcast to share information about their patented product, which allows builders to form, insulate, and back-fill all before pouring and placing concrete, removing several steps compared to the traditional forming and insulating process.

It all started during the Great Recession (2007-2008), when Amber and Boyce had to find different solutions to maintain work. “Our labor force all left construction and went to the oil fields, and so Lance and I were left to do a lot of our own construction labor,” Amber shares in the webcast. The couple set out to find a solution that increases efficiency and provides a superior result compared to traditional forming methods. After sketching up their first prototype and trying it out, they realized they have a product that could provide the same code-complying process across the U.S. “What Mono Slab can do is provide the same foundation process all across the country and provide the insulation value needed to meet those code requirements depending on your air freezing index,” explains Boyce.

How does Mono Slab® EZ Form compare to similar products? One of the biggest benefits is saving time. According to the co-founders, Mono Slab can save builders “four to five days on their construction time,” which means that home builders who build 10 to 25 homes a year could save a significant amount of time. Another advantage to using Mono Slab is the company’s online tech support, which consists of experts with experience in foundation building. “Through our website, you can just ask a simple question and get responses back within 24 hours,” says Lance.  

The company offers demos and setups for big home builders, who have a commitment of 5 to 10 houses. “What our demo does is actually help train and transition their crews, Lance explains, “we really take a hands-on approach with our customers because we don’t want them to have a failure. Our hearts are in it for the contractor and the end user.” This personalized approach has brought Amber and Lance hundreds of clients.

Because Amber and Boyce manufacture the product all across the U.S., the carbon footprint is also minimized. “We’ve triple sourced everything for these economic glitches,” the co-founders note. 

Watch the full webcast to learn more about the history and benefits of Mono Slab® EZ Form. You can reach the company here

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