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Savant Power Storage 20

Savant Power Storage is a foundational and scalable smart home technology that consists of an integrated inverter and LFP battery software that offers optimized power source management, high performance energy storage and flexible load management that can be tailored to meet the needs of any client. Why is this important? The rising adoption of EVs and increased electrification combined with the impact of more frequent, extreme weather events has rapidly added pressure to an overburdened power grid infrastructure. These factors have led to increased brownouts, rolling blackouts and unexpected outages, as well as increased electricity costs. A Savant Power solution including power storage provides a safer, smarter, greener living experience for any size home.

Other Key Benefits:
• Utilize solar power as a main source of daily energy.
• Scalable solution ideal for wide range of home sizes.
• Satisfy consumer demand for more control over power usage at home.
• Whole home power backup.
• Provide a critical opportunity for integrators to elevate the smart home experience for their clients.
• Homeowners can optimize available sources of power both on and off-grid to offset peak utility rates and extend stored energy for maximum benefit.
• Reduce dependency and overall

Consumer Benefits:

• Savant Power Storage delivers a safer, smarter, greener living experience while reducing dependency and overall burden on the grid.
• A Savant Power System, featuring Savant Power Storage, combines onsite energy generation, generator control, flexible load management, and powerful EV charging. Savant’s advanced automated software platform and intuitive app-based user experience make it easy to monitor and control every circuit, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs without compromising comfort and convenience.
• Savant Power Storage complements solar panels by enabling homeowners to effectively produce and store solar power, reducing dependency on the grid during peak energy cost periods and/or during outages.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

• Savant Power Storage is scalable and can be designed as a standalone solution, or as part of a complete Savant Power System and/or as part of a larger smart home project. Savant has created the only integrated whole-home and energy automation solution that can be controlled by a single award-winning app.
• Builders can provide the ultimate technology guidance, now able to help clients make the push toward a Net Zero living experience while offering the security of energy independence.
• Builders deliver solutions that rely on power. Featuring a slim industrial design for easy fit, Savant Power Storage ensures a reliable energy source that can power the home and deliver a safe, secure, greener overall living experience regardless of grid status.
• A Savant Storage System helps builders create additional opportunities to provide enhanced value and services to homeowners.
• Savant Power Storage solutions are eligible for tax credits plus other government subsidies via the Inflation Reduction Act.

Builders will appreciate that the Savant Services team can help coordinate turn-key delivery of a Savant Power System, including engineering and utility interconnection documentation, onsite commissioning, and more.


Savant Power Storage 20 Spec Sheet


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