Get expert, how-to advice on driving sales results from AE Ventures’ summits.

The Challenge
Have you ever made what you think is your best pitch? Delivered the features, benefits and advantages of your products clearly and compellingly, only to be met with polite brush offs and no next steps? It’s not an uncommon problem. But there is a solution (or a set of solutions) you can use to gain more traction and convert more conversations to real opportunities.

The Presenters
AE Ventures president, John Galante, and Greg Nanigian, owner/operator of Sandler Sales Training Affiliate, Greg Nanigian & Associates, have decades of experience in strategic selling and its practice at and after industry events. In 2017, Nanigian wrote and published “Why People Buy: The Real Reasons Features and Benefits Selling Doesn’t Work.”

Your Takeaways
• Get ready to approach all your engagement opportunities with the right strategy and more solid next step closing tactics.
• Understand how to follow-though on engagements, expand your mining of pain and need and edge closer and closer to the goal line of “closed won.”
• Get some primers on time tested strategies for selling that you can used everyday, not just in conjunction with events.
• For the marketers – get creative inspiration on the sales enablement tools you can provide your sales team to boost productivity and results.

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