Ryan Leusch

Chief Technology Officer, S2A Modular

Ryan Leusch is formerly Chief Sales Officer and currently Chief Technology Officer for S²A Modular. Born with an intrinsic fascination for technology, and with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Ryan’s passion and knowledge has driven his success. He has had significant roles in a variety of projects throughout the United States – ranging from small residential designs to large commercial designs. He specializes in renewable business development and is an expert in combining the smartest, greenest and most superior solutions in the industry. As CTO, Ryan constantly reviews all legislation related to technology on a daily basis to quickly implement the latest improvements in products and services. He is a regular attendee at all top industry trade shows and using his large network of colleagues, he contributes to several thought leadership user groups and industry think tanks. He is also on Advisory board for Green Building Certifications.

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