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RemoteLock Universal Access Control


RemoteLock is setting the standard for universal access control in the commercial and multi-family markets with our easy-to-use, scalable, and future-proof software. We help property owners and managers remotely manage and control access to any space from anywhere in the world, ultimately transforming business operations, saving time and money, and modernizing the access entry experience.

What makes RemoteLock unique is our universal access control platform, which manages smart locks from industry leading brands and hardwired access control hardware conveniently from the cloud. With our ever-expanding lock and hardware integrations, customers get unrivaled choice and flexibility to build the access strategy that fits their needs. This means property managers can use different lock types and brands across their portfolio, choosing from the best the market has to offer, to get the brand, functionality, aesthetics, and price point they want. Regardless of the diversity of hardware, the entire system can be managed centrally and remotely, giving customers the ability to instantly grant any person access to any space from anywhere.

RemoteLock can further streamline workflows and enable amenities such as self-guided tours, concierge services, housekeeping, homesharing, and more by pairing RemoteLock’s software API to other business software solutions including property management systems.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

While builders aren’t expected to be a sales channel for RemoteLock to the multi-family market, they are still an essential part of the decision-making process for access control in a new build. RemoteLock eliminates the need for builders, and their customers, to standardize on a single lock solution or a very limited hardware set. Builders and property owners/operators can leverage the latest smart lock technologies in their new builds, knowing they will still be able to manage them alongside legacy properties, all from a single dashboard, with RemoteLock.





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