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Electric Heated Patio Paver System

RPT’s Electric Heated Patio Paver System revolutionizes existing patio ice and snow melt systems offering an efficient and Eco-friendly alternative to traditional hydronic and trace wire snow melt systems. RPT Electric Heated Paver technology is built around highly durable patented, panelized heat film which allows for modular, zoned solutions. We then apply an XPS insulation backer to direct all heat into the paver. Finally, the entire operation is driven and monitored by RPT intelligent control technology which can be monitored and controlled remotely.

All other current systems on the market today require some maintenance. In some instances, this maintenance can be extensive and expensive. RPT systems require no maintenance after installation and are backed by our material warranty.

Key Features and Benefits of RPT Snowmelt:

1. Powerful, rapid heat up: RPT system heats faster than any other system on the market.
2. Durability and Longevity: All RPT technology/products are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability even under heavy use. It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
3. Does not require any maintenance.
4. Panelized – easy to diagnose and replace if damaged.
5. Eliminates boilers, boiler rooms and other boiler related components.
6. Extremely energy efficient.

Consumer Benefits:

Home owners are searching for ways to enhance and extend their outdoor living experience into the winter season. The RPT Electric Heated Patio Paver System is easy to install, cost effective, maintenance free and will last for decades. RPT systems eliminate the need for shoveling and use of harsh chemicals and materials on their outdoor environments that can damage surrounding vegetation and shorten the lifespan of the pavers . In addition, it reduces slip, trip, and fall risks!

Key Benefits:

-Safety: Eliminates snow and ice accumulation, reducing slip hazards and creating a safer outdoor environment.
-Convenience: Automated operation eliminates the need for manual snow removal, making it hassle-free for homeowners.
-Extended Outdoor Use: Year-round patio use regardless of weather, thanks to the system’s warmth during colder months.
-Energy Efficiency: Efficient heat distribution keeps utility costs in check while ensuring comfort.
-Home Value: Integration of sought-after technology enhances property value and desirability.
-Sustainability: Eco-friendly nature appeals to environmentally conscious individuals.
-No Maintenance!
-Enhanced Livability: Provides a comfortable outdoor space that complements indoor living.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Consumers and corporations are searching for energy efficient and Eco-friendly alternatives to current ice and snow melt solutions on the market today. The RPT Electric Heated Patio Paver System is easy to install, cost effective, maintenance free and will last for decades. In addition, it reduces slip, trip, and fall risks, lowering liability concerns and extending patio/common area use during cold winter months.

Builders and multifamily companies stand to gain significant advantages by incorporating the RPT system into their projects by elevating tenant and buyer experience and ensuring a safe, snow- and ice-free environment, boosting satisfaction and retention.

This technology-led advantage complements builders’ goals, setting them apart in a competitive market, while promising long-term savings and sustainable living.

Radiant Panel Technologies focuses on installer friendly, maintenance free systems in all of our applications. We can provide a turnkey solution from patio design through installation if desired or we can simply be on-site to train subcontractors and supervise installation. Since RPT also designs our control systems, we can provide on-site or remote assistance for any control related issues.

We think that it’s important to note that should sections of patios need to be removed for access to specific areas (scaffold lock downs, roof drains, etc), RPT panels are individually connected to power and can be unplugged and removed one paver at a time without damaging the system. This solves a huge problem facing other systems when it comes to access for rooftop maintenance.

RPT Film technology has undergone some of the most stringent testing for passenger rail cars (APTA), agriculture (UL and CE) and residential structural heating systems (UL and CE). In addition, our film has proven itself darn near instructive in live applications for more than 5 years.


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