IQ Panel 2 Plus

The IQ Panel 2 Plus is a 7″ HD Touchscreen with built-in camera designed by Qolsys Inc, a Silicon Valley based security and smarthome manufacturer. The IQ Panel boasts 7 different wireless radios in a thin, elegant tablet. The intuitive swipe-based user interface feels like your phone, easily providing control for security, life safety, smart lighting, locks, smart thermostats, garage openers, video cameras, video doorbells, and much more. Powerful unique software features like Bluetooth Touchless Disarming let you leave your phone in your pocket and the home greets you automatically as you arrive, unlocking doors, adjusting thermostats, and disarming the security system completely hands free. Disarm photos from the built in 5MP camera are sent directly to your phone so you’ll know when kids or guests arrive. Live Answer video doorbells from the 7″ HD screen to make sure you never miss a package. Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri Shortcut compatibility provide the homebuyer with their choice of voice control and the mobile app powered by provides a single place to control everything remotely. Tie multiple devices together in “Scenes” for one touch executions and get smart notifications based on Geolocations for the ultimate in smarthome control.


Looks matter. Features matter. The IQ Panel packs an entire smart ecosystem into a single user experience, with the ability to easily expand as consumer needs change and new products are introduced into the market. Whether the consumer is more concerned with security, life safety, energy management, convenience, or a mix of the above, the IQ Panel can provide. Differentiating features such as Bluetooth Touchless Disarming and the built in camera provide unique experiences that will set your homes apart. Smart notifications and Geoservices automatically perform actions and keep the homebuyer in the know, reducing cost and keeping things safe when the home is empty and automatically turning systems back on when they return. For example, upon leaving a “Geofence” the system could lock the doors, close the garage, turn down the thermostat, turn off lights and appliances, and arm the security system, making the home safe and energy efficient. When the homebuyer returns, their Bluetooth phone connects automatically, deactivating the security system, unlocking the front door, turning on the kitchen light and resuming the thermostat schedule

Builders and Contractors:

The IQ Panel is -Easy to install -Scalable for any size home or system -Utilizes wireless technology to reduce installation time and hassle -Security ready to satisfy discerning homebuyers. -Seamlessly integrated with the top brands in the market -Easy to use interface attracts the most tech savvy homebuyers while not alienating those who prefer simplicity -Rebates available for qualified applications -Aggressive model home programs provide equipment to attract potential homebuyers -Customer service and technical support reduces unnecessary contact with builder -National dealer network -Personalized marketing materials

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