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PXU Gigabit Network Series


The Primex PXU Gigabit Network Switch Series provide Gigabit, PoE+ plug and play connectivity of IP components within SOHO Pro™ media panels, the centerpiece of today’s connected home. These unmanaged switches come in three 8-port configurations for a range of applications: 8-port network, 4-port PoE+/4-port network, 8-port PoE+. The unique hook-based mounting system and front-facing connections allow for quick and easy installation in SOHO Pro media panels in seconds, saving valuable installation time.

Power today’s smart homes with PoE+ which supports such products as networked cameras, NVRs, access points, and IP phones.

The three operational modes (Standard/VLAN/Extend), and at-a-glance power monitoring offer effortless operation in a feature-rich and future-ready platform. The 3-year manufacturers warranty provides peace of mind.

Fast, easy, powerful. The PXU Gigabit Network Switches. Only from Primex.


Consume Benefits:

The homeowner gets reliable, gigabit connectivity that supports the needs of the modern connected home. PoE+ is quickly becoming standard in many homes where security cameras, NVRs, and IP phones (to name a few) require powered connectivity. The homeowner gets peace of mind that they are receiving gigabit throughput and powered connectivity while the product is tucked away discretely in Primex SOHO Pro media panels.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Builders will like the PXU Gigabit Network Switch series because it provides effective networking of a modern home with the latest technology: Gigabit Cat6 throughout, 8-channels, Power over Ethernet (PoE+ for powering networked cameras, NVRs, access points, and IP phones), very quick and easy installation, and an excellent price point for the power.

Builders can promote the gigabit broadband connectivity of their homes to customers confidently with the PXU Gigabit Network Switch Series.




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