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PointCentral Video Doorbells


Property managers can differentiate their communities by offering a video doorbell solution that combines advanced features, seamless integration, and a strong emphasis on resident privacy. Our best-in-class video doorbell options provide residents with enhanced security and peace of mind and ensure a smooth turnover process for property managers.

With full portrait view, two-way audio capabilities, and call screen actions such as unlocking the front door, communities can offer a comprehensive solution for monitoring and communicating at the doorstep. The 750 Video Doorbell can withstand extreme temperatures with a wide operating range -58°F to 122°F. Our 770 Video Doorbell features a 2.8 MP HD-quality video and an expansive 150° vertical Field of View so residents can see the entire doorway area.

Consumer Benefits:

Video doorbell solutions have become synonymous with enhanced security. Video Analytics enables rapid people detection and fewer false alerts. Residents can know when someone is at the door, even if they don’t ring the bell. It’s easy for residents to have two-way conversations with visitors at any time of day or night with Two-Way Audio, HD resolution, HDR and infrared night vision. This proactive approach minimizes false alerts and ensures that residents are promptly aware of any potential visitors or intruders.

PointCentral’s video doorbell solution is designed with resident privacy in mind. Residents enroll the doorbell to their account upon move-in, and PointCentral automatically deletes video clips upon move-out. They can be rest assured that their personal information and doorstep activities remain private and secure. Residents can access their live feed and recorded clips in one app with no additional subscription fees.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Long-term rental communities can tap into a growing demand for enhanced security and convenience among renters by incorporating our video doorbell solution into their properties. According to the NMHC/Grace Hill Renter Preferences Survey Report, 64% of respondents expressed interest in rental homes equipped with a video doorbell at their doorstep. Offering the video doorbell amenity helps property managers to differentiate their communities while addressing the evolving needs of the modern resident, prioritizing privacy, security and convenience with homeowner-level benefits.

It becomes a differentiating factor that attracts potential tenants. A video doorbell bolsters the community’s appeal and provides residents an added layer of comfort and peace of mind. Additionally, long-term rental communities with smart home tech can command higher rental rates by providing a modern resident experience.

We are committed to offering premium customer support from installation and beyond. With our award-winning support team along with our service provider network, property managers receive expert implementation and installation services to properly outfit their communities with smart property technology. From designing a solution that fits your needs to installing the devices, our team is here to help with every step.


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