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Tim Costello is the Principal and Founder of Built4F. He suggests 8 ideas and 22 actions to help homebuilders use housing tech and new building methods. The homebuilding industry is one of the slowest to embrace change. Builders who look forward and adopt new solutions find themselves in a blue ocean. It has low competition and high demand.

Homebuilders and property managers need an essentialist approach. They need it for their business strategies. Tim starts by discussing the control factors in blue ocean strategies. There are several factors to consider:

  • Which factors should be RAISED above industry standards?
  • Which factors should be CREATED that the industry has never offered?
  • Which factors should be REDUCED below the industry standard?
  • Which factors we have long competed on should we ELIMINATE?

The 8 concepts and 22 initiatives can help you find what factors to raise, create, reduce, and eliminate from your business. Watch the video to learn more.

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