Perfect Processes for Lux Tech Lighting/Natural Light Control Design, Installation & Fine Tuning — TecHome Builder LUX Panel Discussion at THBS & HTS Fall 2023 in Phoenix, AZ.

Lighting and natural light control technologies are proliferating at the same time consumer demand surges in all market bands, but especially luxury. With so many options, so much value and so much interest, the need for near-perfect processes for client consultation, design and installation coordination is needed now more than ever. Part of the equation is also tweaking and re-tweaking of lighting and controls as the owners live with the systems and their lifestyles evolve. We cover it all with expert advice from those in the know in this oh-so-timely session.

Track Chair: Sean Weiner – Spexi, LLC

Our Panel Includes: Andrew Cuoco – System 7 | Greg Hardwick – Hardwick General Contracting

Sponsored By: System 7

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