Paul Starkey

Partner, PrepTECH

Paul Starkey has been part of the home technology field since 1993 he led a major control brand for 20 years guiding them to 20X revenue growth. He oversaw dozens of product innovations including Z series, VIA, two full speaker line introductions, the first WIFI remote control, and the introduction of the “G” line of products. In 2013 he founded a business coaching firm, VITAL MGMT, which helps custom integrator ownership improve their performance. In 2021 he founded a staffing and recruiting business, PrepTECH, for new technicians for custom integrators. Paul's many accomplishments include: received funding for three venture capital or private equity companies 1992-1995-2019; launched the first online training course for custom integration ELAN University 2003; served as Chairman of the Kentucky World Trade Center 2007-2008; created the first Operations Dashboard for the custom integration industry. 2018; conducted the first successful roll-up of 15 Ci companies BRAVAS Group 2019; founded a Sex Trafficking Survivor Foundation, Building Better Lives 2019; authored Hitting for the Cycle, A MGMT Guide for CI operators. 2021 Paul has his B.S. Marketing, Bradley University, AMA EXECUTIVE MGMT, Stanford University. CEPRO Masters recipient. He has past associations with Burroughs Corporation, Recognition Equipment Inc. and DATABEAM.

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