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On3 Field Learning Platform


On3 is an mobile-based, AI-driven, adult learning platform that enables organizations to capture learning content and processes, turn them into AI-enabled Microlearning Modules, and deliver, coach, and improve competency and implement best practices. Through real-time AI analysis of learner progress, On3 automatically adjusts learning content and delivery to target a learner’s areas of need. Additionally, On3 provides real-time guidance to the learner to drive and ensure a high level of mastery. The next phase of On3 is to develop AI vision on a wearable device with a HUD that learners can utilize on the job to receive real-time feedback and learning. Currently, On3 is being deployed to train field personnel – those who work on their feet or work out of a vehicle. This includes the construction and medical industries with planned expansion into heavy machinery, contractors/trades, commercial, and industrial applications. The results of deploying On3 have been shown to reduce onboarding time for new employees by over 50% while achieve an overall retention level after 1 year to over 80%. On3 currently serves public builders nationwide such as PulteGroup, DR Horton, Dream Finders; Building Product Manufacturers such as Masonite, American Standard, LP; and numerous local and regional builders/remodelers.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

An industry leading organization, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), identified a shortage of over 650,000 construction workers in2022. Population demographics indicate that younger workers make up the majority of the workforce, requiring efficient and effective training. It is well known that this cohort is highly mobile device centric. Therefore, training should be delivered using mobile devices that increase both accessibility and availability, thereby reducing barriers to access learning and the time required to achieve competency. Furthermore, delivering a modern, interactive, augmented reality, AI-based learning platform for on-the-job up skilling, re skilling, or new hires is crucial to meeting future workforce training demands for all ages. Lastly, On3 can be used by almost any demographic regardless of their age, technical prowess, and/or access to the internet. Additionally, On3 is content-agnostic, making it an ideal solution for a multitude of industries and users.


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