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Nick Quijano

Co-CEO, Southerly Homes

Nick Quijano is a native Texan, raised in Wimberley. Graduated from Texas Christian University in 2005, started in construction in Austin 2006 as a Superintendent at the largest private homebuilder in the country. He learned the trade and excelled as a Superintendent, Builder, and Lead Builder. After earning his Real Estate License in 2009, he quickly moved into an operations management role and began the Urban Development project specializing in land acquisition and redevelopment of Central Austin infill lots. He has experience in custom home building and speculative building in the City of Austin and most surrounding municipalities within 85 miles of Austin. His experience includes design, development, planning, real estate, permitting, sales and marketing, construction of single-family homes, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), duplexes, and attached and detached condo development in all these Central Texas markets. Nick lives in Austin with his wife Holley and three daughters.


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