As the largest private seller of new homes in America, New Home Star partners with home builders to offer professional marketing and sales support. They exist to help builders field the best new home sales team within their markets while building a world-class culture in the process.

For Sales Agents, it means that they have the finest training, tools, and resources, and work with some of the best home builders in the industry.

For builder partners, this provides a significant advantage that allows them to outperform their competition in both market share and margin and gives them the opportunity to scale and grow quickly.

New Home Star offers a variety of services designed to help you sell more homes, more profitably:

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Hayden Homes Improved Their Margins with a New Online Sales Team

Ranked as one of the top 50 builders in the country with an award-winning brand designed around process and an exceptional customer experience, Hayden Homes was already doing well but knew they could shore up some gaps in the sales process. That’s when they partnered with New Home Star for a dedicated sales solution. In the decade since, this partnership has expanded to include New Home Star’s Online Sales Concierge service. This improved the potential buyer’s digital experience and included lightning-quick personalized buying interactions directly on their website. The results were staggering!

Climbing to the Top: How New Home Star Multiplied Closings for Challenger Homes
Challenger Homes Ascends to Market Leader Status The economic trouble of 2008 hit Challenger Homes hard, despite their commitment to create quality homes. They, like many others, were eyeing a shutdown amidst the turmoil, but they weren’t going to go out without a fight — a fight they brought New Home Star in to help with. Thanks to a partnership with New Home Star, Challenger Homes was able to thrive in the down market. After our first three years, the results were clear: this small, local builder transformed into a top-tier leader in a highly competitive Colorado Springs housing market.

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