Modulus M1

Modulus is a HTPC that holds up to 32TB of movies, music and TV series. It can be distributed throughout the home via the Mx1 extension unit. One user interface and one remote keeps all of the many complications of entertainment in one simple, organized place. The M1 also streams any and all stream services plus gives you the ability to record streaming shows and save them permanently on your hard drive.

The Modulus M1 server has been recognized by the CEDIA community receiving the CEPro’s Best Award in 2019.

Features include:
* Luxury DVR for cable TV or OTA channels
* Movie Server to import all of your media securely
* Music Server to import CDs and MP3 files and distribute throughout the home
* Stream box to enjoy all types of streaming services
* Records streaming shows to complete your Entertainment Library
* And more

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

The Modulus system add value to every home as the center of the family.


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