Meter Pedestal

Our new meter pedestal addresses the NEC 2020 code update that requires surge protection and an exterior disconnect per first responders request. Our pedestal will address both code changes in the lower half of the meter pedestal and will include the ability to add an automatic transfer switch, an energy management device and is solar ready. The pedestal will come in several configurations to meet electrical service needs in all markets.

Consumer Benefits:

Homeowners will be able to add a generator for a much lower cost, 000’s, compared to waiting until their home is closed. The cost of doing this is negligible on the front end and saves about 20% of the install cost of a retrofitted unit.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Builders will have a product that meets the code changes, save envelope space, lower install costs and provide the ability to add our transfer switch mechanism when the buyer requests a generator. The cost of doing this today is double, compared to what this pedestal will cost. The house becomes generator ready on the electrical portion of the home.


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