Maryanne Hibner

Owner & Chief Creative Officer, Hibner Design Group

Maryanne Hibner is an accomplished interior designer and founder of Hibner Design Group. With over two decades of experience, Maryanne has cultivated a strong reputation for her exceptional design work and commitment to visual excellence. Following her tenure as a senior director of design at The Irvine Company, she gained invaluable experience and knowledge in development and construction, providing her with an owner perspective. Her expertise extends to marketing strategy, project timelines, and budget management. Since 2012, Hibner Design has gained recognition for its outstanding design services. Hibner is known for its ability to create highly personalized and timeless designs for multifamily, models, and luxury residential homes. Maryanne was nominated for OCBJ 2023 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award and featured in Forbes as an Extraordinary Women in Business. Hibner Design was named NEWH Top Interior Designer 2018, 2019 & 2022 and received the 2021 Golden Nugget Award for Best Student Housing.


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