Upcoming Events: Nov 5-7, 2024 Pasadena CA • April 15-17, 2025 Orlando FL

Marketing & Selling Structural & Systems Innovations — Structures & Systems Panel Discussion at THBS & HTS Fall 2023 in Phoenix, AZ.

James Joyce called it the ineluctable modality of the visible – our tendency to believe what we see. It means structures and systems (the stuff between the walls, in the basement, attic, and knee walls) are harder to sell and market than the visually appealing finishes on the walls, ceiling, and floors. This session tackles the challenge head-on! We’ll tour the digital storytelling assets and experience demonstrations used in sales centers and models. It is difficult to replicate structures and systems innovations in used houses, but they can be sold and marketed effectively if you can make the advantage pay off.

Track Chair: Brandon Savage – AE Ventures

Our Panel Includes: David Bernardino – Ammunition Agency | Jim Weigel – Shinn Consulting

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