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Lux Tech Ideas for Outdoors and Garages — TecHome Builder LUX Panel Discussion at THBS & HTS Fall 2023 in Phoenix, AZ.

Garages have evolved from leafy, greasy pit stops to showcases, party areas, and hobby spaces. Likewise, outdoor spaces are ideal for technological enhancements and featured elements because of their utility and natural beauty. Another in the THB Lux Tech “Idea Book” series, this session will cover the list of potential tech products and applications for these spaces, walk through examples of excellence, and discuss how to get tech right for these spaces–from discovery and presentation of client needs to design collaboration to supporting products and systems.

Track Chair: Sean Weiner – Spexi, LLC

Our Panel Includes: Jason Orvosh – Orvosh Builders | Ron Wanless – Technology Design Associates | Mike Cleary – Sonance


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