Our integrated approach optimizes every phase of the building process to address the biggest challenge builders face — managing options. The option management solution we utilize is LotSpec. LotSpec provides a solution for managing design options in a 2D or 3D workflow and automates the process of creating “Lot Specific” plan sets used for permitting and construction based on customer option selections. LotSpec also provides a powerful set of tools for producing master plan sets commonly used for bidding and approval processes. LotSpec is an application add-in suite for Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Architecture.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:


• User friendly interface • Works well with sub-logic

• Autodesk® application add-in • Eliminates combination errors

• Rule-based floor plan configurator • Manages option groups and option selections

• Entry-level BIM drafters can use without difficulty

• Automates the process of creating “lot specific” plans

• Scalable solution as design technologies continue to evolve

• Optimizes efficiency and productivity for production home builders

• Options represent predefined selections available to home buyers ADVANTAGES • Logic based on sales options

• Automatic dimensioning tools

• Defines a list of available options

• Build trust with expected deliverables

• Assign selection rules to conflicting options

• Automatically reduces build and design cycle

• Reduces maintenance/red-lines and minimized QA time

• Assign option logic to object properties and text notes

• Handles “option on option” or “nested options” with ease

• Automatically configure “lot specific” plan sets in minutes

• “Rule based” workflow with tools for assigning logic to project elements

• Straight forward organized approach for managing complicated option offerings

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