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LG Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Indoor air quality has become a top priority for homeowners and contractors, leading to a surge in demand for Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) to meet evolving codes and environmental standards. LG’s Residential ERV is a cost-effective, energy-saving solution delivering fresh air to occupied spaces.

The Residential ERV is equipped with two robust fans, an exhaust fan and dual filters: a pre-filter for larger air particles and a MERV 13 filter for smaller particles. The supply fan draws in outdoor air, while the exhaust fan removes stale air. By recovering latent and sensible energy from the exhaust air and transferring it to outdoor air, this device enhances the indoor environment’s quality and comfort.

An embedded CO2 sensor allows the Residential ERV to measure indoor CO2 levels and regulate air volume accordingly. Easy-access filter and heat exchanger maintenance, coupled with Wi-Fi for smartphone control via LG’s ThinQ app, helps manage indoor air quality.. Available in 90 and 120 CFM models, the Residential ERV is the compact, efficient, and effective solution for home ventilation needs.

Consumer Benefits:

With a growing emphasis on energy efficiency and indoor air quality, modern homes are constructed with tighter seals, which can trap stale indoor air. Mechanical ventilation is crucial in such cases, and the LG Residential ERV offers an effective option. This compact and lightweight device not only enhances comfort performance but also provides cost saving opportunities and superior functionality.
LG prioritizes control and accessibility in its products, and the Residential ERV is no exception. Monitoring CO2 levels is essential for maintaining optimal air quality. Users can conveniently view CO2 levels through LG’s ThinQ app, a wired remote controller, or a compatible smart home controller. The ERV solution includes a CO2 sensor, allowing ventilation performance to adjust automatically based on detected CO2 levels.

Moreover, the Residential ERV is equipped with two fine-dust sensors that notify homeowners when it’s time to clean or replace the filter, ensuring efficient maintenance. With its advanced monitoring and control features, the LG Residential ERV offers efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind for homeowners seeking optimal indoor air quality.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

To prioritize indoor air quality, builders/multifamily developers have an opportunity to introduce fresh outdoor air into homes through ventilation systems. With increasing regulations focusing on energy efficiency, there is a greater demand for energy-efficient solutions that benefit both homeowners and builders. The LG Residential ERV is AHRI Standard 1060 Certified, providing value by efficiently conditioning outside air using only fan energy, eliminating the need for larger compressors to handle additional outdoor air loads.

To offer enhanced control and monitoring capabilities, the Residential ERV is equipped with a wired remote controller (RS3) and is compatible with the LG ThinQ® App. Moreover, it features two operation modes for optimal energy savings: ERV Mode, which utilizes the air-to-air heat exchanger, and Bypass Mode, allowing exhaust air to bypass the heat exchanger. The ERV has undergone acoustic engineering and testing to optimize its quiet operation, with noise levels ranging from 46 dB(A) to 22 dB(A).

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