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Levven Q


Unlike wired switches, Levven Controls eliminate the switch box and wire from the construction process to save installation and rework time along with materials for 7 trades and the builder. Levven switches mount on the surface of the wall or can be portable. Levven switches send on/off and dim commands via radio frequency (RF) to Levven controllers installed inside electrical boxes connected between the power and electrical load. Levven Q and app are new products that complete the foundation for the Levven Controls product offer. Together they provide mobile device access and control of all Levven controllers and switches installed in the building. Levven Q and app provide: 1) Select and assign any combination of Levven controllers in the building to a switch. 3) Add new switches 4) Create zones 5) Add on/off delay timers to controllers 6) Add vacation/away timers to controllers 7) Add astronomic sunrise sunset timing to controllers 8) Connect Alexa and Google Home for voice control of every electrical load 9) Receive over the air updates to receive new features and services 10) Open API for integration with other products 11) Installed by the homeowner at any time during the life of the building

Consumers Benefits:

Cost – Levven controls are a no-cost feature in every home. Builders standardize with Levven because it lowers home cost.

Energy Savings – All Off switching saves energy, turning all lights off from a switch by a door or on a bedside table. Levven Q software timers and astronomic timers ensure lights are on only when needed. People can see and control lights, fans, heaters, pumps, from anywhere in the world.

Safety and Security – Switches mount on the surface of the wall, no box, no wire, making it easy for people to move switches or add switches to a location where controls are needed. Vacation/away timers work with all the controllers in the home to make homes look occupied when people are away.

Personalization – Move switches to where they’re needed as easily as moving a picture. Use portable switches on bedside tables or car visor to operate any or all electrical loads remotely. Change what any switch operates from the Levven app on your device. Add Alexa or Google voice control.

Sustainability – Levven Controls conserves more than 35% of the wire in a single family starter home while saving energy.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Build Faster – Levven Controls simplify jobs for 7 trades. The 12 steps to install wired switches are reduced to 4 steps to complete homes 2+ days faster while improving quality. Increase Capacity – Completing jobs faster puts labor capacity back into the market to build more homes increasing trade and builder profits. Lower Home Cost – Levven Controls installed cost is lower than wired switches. (Builders and trades standardizing with Levven after proving the savings) Lower customer acquisition cost – Gives results attractive to home buyers without increasing home cost or price. Preowned homes can’t match the offer without adding cost. Compatibility – Levven Q integrates with other products like Alexa and Google home using an open API. Satisfies All Buyers – Levven Controls meet all buyers needs regardless of their interest in technology. Buyers wanting traditional switches are satisfied while getting simple new capabilities that save energy, add safety and convenience. People wanting the convenience of mobile device and voice control can add Levven Q. Sustainability – Levven Controls conserve 35% of the electrical wire and 20+ switch boxes per home. Meets Code – Two-component switching is accepted in the 2020 NEC70 National Electric Code section 210.70.

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