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JascoPro Series Wi-Fi Smart Switch

JascoPro Series Wi-Fi smart switches add layers of convenience, comfort and peace of mind to the perks of traditional smart lighting devices.

Emergency Flash serves as a beacon to improve response time when you need help. When activated, the connected light blinks in a distinct pattern to provide visual guidance to first responders. Flashes are triggered in the JascoPro Series app or by pressing the in-wall device to ensure you’re always in position to get urgent assistance. The free JascoPro Series app fully integrates into and sends push notifications to inform the loved ones of emergency situations.

Smart bulb mode addresses a common problem in the automation market and allows you to build a true smart lighting ecosystem using traditional wiring topology, which is ideal for new homes. Communication and status to the light are retained even when the switch is turn ON/OFF. Enjoy the full customization of your JascoPro Series Wi-Fi bulb in the app while still activating personal scenes from the in-wall device. This collaboration opens the door to unique features, like automatic circadian rhythm programming, on-demand color temperature, full-range dimming and more.

Consumer Benefits:

Homeowners want the latest and greatest, but even more, they want simple practicality. In addition to traditional convenience of smart devices, like scheduling, remote operation and voice commands, smart switches increase your feeling of safety and even improve well-being. People with medical risks must save valuable moments when it counts most. JascoPro Series Wi-Fi switches are equipped with an innovative solution.

Emergency Flash triggers a distinct blinking sequency to indicate where help is needed. The app allows multiple people to control lights from anywhere. This is ideal for those who care for people with disabilities or elderly relatives. Caretakers can activate Emergency Flash from anywhere while first responders are enroute to eliminate the patient’s responsibility. It can also be triggered directly from the in-wall device for additional control options. To keep relatives informed, push notifications alert everyone on the account when the alert is activated.

Setting the right light for the task or time of day is a significant factor in health and wellness. Smart bulb mode allows full functions of Wi-Fi LED bulbs and scene control. Color-temperature and brightness settings emulate natural light and establish the perfect ambiance. With traditional smart switches, homeowners are restricted to fixed-color lighting.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

As home automation continuous to become commonplace, providing the right smart products is critical to stand out as a builder or multifamily company. Jasco improves the experience and flexibility with smart devices. Our products are designed to solve problems in the new-home and MDU spaces.

Choosing a device with a wealth of auxiliary benefits shows you understand the diverse needs of your clients and strive to meet those needs. From warm to cool and bright to dim, lighting preferences vary significantly. Homeowners experience the flexibility to match natural light indoors or establish a task-based ambiance from one solution. Coupling a smart bulb with a Wi-Fi switch that allows full customization and scene control accommodates every setup and style.

Any delay for first responders can be disastrous. New neighborhoods, apartment complexes and senior-living communities are often challenging to navigate. Emergency Flash initiates a visual cue to quickly identify the call location from a distance. Builders and property managers have a unique opportunity to offer peace of mind and a sense of safety in addition to their traditional services. They also have flexibility to provide a standalone, free solution or integrate into

Jasco designs and distributes innovative technology, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We understand the complexities of the channel and works hard to unravel complication of technology. Marketing and resources play a major role in successfully aiding builders. Builders who understand the technology have customers who are confident they’re getting the best in the business. Video content, a dedicated homeowner hotline, FAQs and material for real estate agents concisely explain how the product works. Engaging social media content, stories for sales organizations and marketing for realtors are also valuable collateral. Having technology is one thing, but articulating a lifestyle benefits and usage message to homeowners the reasons it’s important in their homes is paramount.


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