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In this presentation of the Housing Transformation Summit, Ken Peterson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Shea Homes, shares with John Galante, President of AE Ventures how his company has embraced new ways of thinking and implementing change.

Travis Rulle, Chief Strategy Officer at FBC Mortgage, delivers the opening remarks. FBC specializes in residential mortgage lending through retail and wholesale and correspondent channels. “We’re looking at new ways to do things, and that’s exciting,” says Travis, “and as a lender that specializes in serving you, the builder, and your customers, I can assure you that like you, we are obsessed with building an experience for your customers, but also for you.” Travis talks about the importance of being agents of change in the industry and avoiding old ways of thinking in order to provide the highest quality of service.

After the opening remarks, Ken and John discuss what it means to create a team of transformation champions who embody the mindset, behavior, and performance management that can generate significant results. John asks how Shea is able to cultivate a successful team. According to Ken, it starts with the interviewing process and identifying like-minded people who have a passion for experimenting with new technology and adopting new ways of connecting with customers.

How does Shea Homes integrate technology into their work process? Ken shares a number of videos that show how the company visualizes homes through Autodesk and Revit. “The biggest thing is, we do not do frameworks, we do virtual frameworks, so we don’t wait to frame a home to walk in and make changes, we make all the changes virtually and that saves us a ton of time,” says Ken. This creates efficiency both in terms of operations and customer interaction, since users can set up an account and schedule their tours for contactless viewing.

In addition to using best practices for modeling, Ken shares that in 2022 all Shea Homes communities went 100% paperless, since over 95% of their customers didn’t want paper. The company also uses real-time viewable dashboards and a digital sales assistant, which means they can take a customer through a personalized experience and show them homes, as well as whole communities.

Check out the entire keynote presentation in this video.

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