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Our Interactive Sales Software is specifically designed as an all-in-one approach to help generate sales. Our emphasis is on sales, not just marketing. It is necessary to present a transparent buying and selection process in order to effectively convey what’s being offered in the home buying process. We have dedicated our research and implementation to provide compelling, interactive, and transparent experiences for the web and sales centers to make our clients (builders) more money and create a better buying experience for home buyers. Our software has a quantifiable Return-On-Investment component that is increasing profits per home for the builder. Through the integration of pricing not only for base home prices but options, our clients are able to see and track how much more money they are making per home. We are seeing our software extend into the construction phases of the building process as well. Our clients use our system to create floor plan templates per lot and also provide build sheets out in the field as a guide as to which structural options are to be built. Our clients are experiencing immediate success and seeing options sales into the millions utilizing our software.


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments a person can make. Creating a transparent buying experience awards a confidence and comfort in the builder and their products. Our software may not be used after the contracts have been signed in a home purchase, but its effects are evident. Our software can reduce the amount of change orders due to buyers being able to actually see and visualize what options they have chosen. Not only do we showcase structural options but material options as well. Buyers can visualize their kitchen and can customize their selections to their taste. Small samples thrown out on a table with the hopes of a final decision is begging for a mistake to be made. example of our Interior Material Options [IMO] app: *Project Example Links* Single Family: Ryder Homes – Meadows | Link: Single Family: DiLoreto Homes – Ivesia | Link: Case study link for DiLoreto Homes – Ivesia: Multi-Family: Silverado Homes – Silverado Apartments | Link:

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We are not a gimmicky marketing product, we have done the research and provide builders with a robust, interactive system for their home buyers to feel confident in their purchase. Just having interactive features to play with works if you just want to keep searching buyers on builders websites for longer periods of time, but when you factor in an entire interactive experience, it brings a whole new level of transparency and confidence to the home buyer. Our encompasses so many facets of the buying process, it creates a higher level of understanding of the product being offered to the home buyer. Builders don’t even have to stop using their current Construction Management and ERP systems; we integrate seamlessly so our builders can continue doing business the way they have been. As homes get released and prices increase our system updates automatically. Our software tracks and builds a custom brochure for the selections being made. Buyers get to save there customized home, giving them ownership in the design and at the same time creating a lead with the buyers contact and other valuable information saved into our system for the sales team to retrieve at any time.

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