A new model for Residential IAQ distribution disrupts antiquated industry model to save builders time and money with a Direct Partner Plan from Greenheck. 

Indoor Air Quality is no longer an option for home buyers­–it is a must have. Even before the pandemic, health was becoming a primary driver for home design and improvement with IAQ being a top concern for homeowners.

Air quality has a major impact on human health. Medical research studies show that poor air quality contributes to every cell and organ in the body and can cause emotional, cognitive and physical health issues. 75% of Americans are concerned about the air they are breathing and 51% said that it was important to upgrade their ventilation systems to improve IAQ [Shelton Group]

Builders that are dealing with rising material cost, product availability and code compliance, are struggling to keep up with consumer demand and expectations. The industry’s current model for distribution of residential ventilation is flawed. It uses indirect distributors or dealers, putting distance between builders and their manufacturer partners. Having these “middle-men” is an antiquated system that increases the time it takes to get the product and increases the cost for the installer. It also makes it impossible for open innovation.

“We think it’s just wrong that builders have no other choice,” says Jim Shelton, Greenheck’s GM of their NEW Residential Indoor Air Quality Division. Greenheck is the market leader in non-residential ventilation for commercial buildings and hotel construction. They are the industry authority on air movement.

Last November, the company shifted focus to residential ventilation and created an innovative, new direct distribution model for high-performance ventilation solutions. “We enable professionals to work directly with Greenheck,” explains Shelton. “This ensures that their projects come in under budget, on time and within scope.”

Greenheck’s mission is to transform the residential ventilation industry by optimizing the value chain for indoor air quality solutions. “Everybody deserves more affordable, healthier indoor air.” Their plan? Simply SHIFT the industry into gear.

S– Secure Supply

H– Help Reduce Cost

I – Invest in custom solutions

F– Fulfill Performance Needs

T– Transform Our Industry

Greenheck works with builders to understand their vision and goals for IAQ. With consideration of the unique supply and logistical requirements, they will create a custom Direct Partner Plan. “We implement the plan and keep builders updated every step of the way”.

So how does this new model help?

It’s faster–by working directly with Builders and Contractors, they can accurately plan for their demand and schedules

It’s Better – with high quality products that outperform the competition

It’s cheaper – their direct distribution model and PRO series pricing can provide savings of up to 40%

“Builders and Contractors cannot develop, design and deliver more affordable healthier homes alone. They need to partner with top IAQ innovators in order to truly innovate and grow” says Shelton. With Greenheck’s new residential division in place they are well positioned to be that partner.

Learn more about Greenheck HERE.

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