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In this Housing Transformation Summit presentation, experts in the field talk about how personalization can increase sales and homeowner satisfaction in every market. Anya Chrisanthon, Chief Brand Officer at Anewgo, facilitates the discussion. Panelists include Tiffany George, Division President of Builder Services & Design Centers at Christian Brothers Interiors, Nancy Giangeruso Principal/Owner of BCD-IT, and Dennis Webb, Vice President at Fulton Homes.

“The customer is the most important thing in our business and many times we lose sight of that,” Dennis says, emphasizing how important it is to satisfy customers. The group focuses on personalization and how homebuilders can deliver personalized homes in order to increase their market share. Tiffany talks about offering packages that make customers happy. “Too many homeowners are disappointed and that’s why they are not telling their friends to buy … even as millennials are starting to buy homes, two-thirds say they are not satisfied,” she says. “The best way to succeed is to make more homeowners happier … If we want to sell more homes then we have to sell to the shoppers that we are not selling to now,” according to Tiffany, who brings up the competitive advantages of personalization.

Dennis discusses his company’s Digital Design Center which allows customers to see their options before they buy. Anya brings up the benefits of technology when reaching new customers and asks what are the features that are beneficial to homebuyers. Dennis brings up Envision and Studio Chateau which provide vital information about their products which helps potential customers visualize their perfect home. He also talks about applying retail principles to the homebuying process and the value of combining digital experiences with in-person possibilities for those who like to know more about their purchase.

Tiffany talks about the benefits of Studio Chateau. She mentions the flooring module and how it can present various estimates. “It really reduces the financial concerns that the buyers have once they are meeting with the designers,” she says and brings up how the online design studio makes the process much more efficient and useful for the customer. Another differentiator is that the designers get to focus on the lifestyle benefits, rather than the tech side of the process.

According to Nancy, it’s important to make catalogs easy to understand for the general public. Regarding options, Nancy recommends talking with designers on what products are being sold the most and using that data to adjust the options that are being offered. “It’s best if you educate your designers to help the clients,” she says when it comes to implementing technology.

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