Upcoming Events: Fall 2024 - November 5-7, Pasadena CA | Spring 2025 - April 15-17, Orlando FL

Somehow, astoundingly we are still stuck in the rut of only about 10% of new homes (most of which are being built tight for energy savings) being appropriately heated, cooled and ventilated for good indoor air quality. In this session we are going to look at the product and design and installation protocols that can break us out of the basement and get us headed to the 100% mark we should be at. The key is specifying product and thinking through labor components to make it affordable in every market band.

Sponsored By: Epcon Franchising

Meet The Presenters:

Tim Costello – Built4F | Jefre Outlaw – OJC Global | Brian McCarthy – Abrazo Homes | Cameron Vreeland – Carrier

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