Upcoming Events: Nov 5-7, 2024 Pasadena CA • April 15-17, 2025 Orlando FL

Home & Property Management Tech for the Long- & Short-Term Single-Family Rental Market — TecHome Builder HiVol Panel Discussion at THBS & HTS Fall 2023 in Phoenix, AZ.

National and regional builders can address long- and short-term single-family rentals with thoughtful technology and tech services packages. As a part of this session, we will discuss essential and enhancement technology packages for the premises, as well as property monitoring and managed services tethers. Packages designed to enable these attachments can reduce rental property operating expenses, increasing profitability and value.

This session becomes applicable to all national and regional builders, even if they aren’t building at scale for institutional investors/operators or their own property management company. The reality is that today’s individual buyers are looking for short-term rentals for income and the possibility of converting from owner-occupied to rental/investment properties. To make either scenario work, you need the right technology.

Track Chair: Avi Rosenthal – bluesalve partners

Our Panel Includes: Kelly Cox – ADT | Diane Decocq – Progress Residential

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