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TecHome Builder & Housing Transformation Summit Sponsors Unveil Next Gen Offerings at the International Builder Show in Las Vegas

We’ve rounded up a series of exciting announcements from our Summit sponsors, set to revolutionize the homebuilding industry with their new product offerings! As the curtain falls on IBS, the stage is set for innovation and collaboration at our upcoming TecHome Builder & Housing Transformation Summit in Nashville. Join us as we continue to explore the forefront of home building and housing transformation, driving industry progress one innovation at a time.  


Jasco Products Company

Long recognized as a trailblazer in lighting and connect-home products, Jasco’s commitment to advancement and quality is unwavering. This year, their approach has been acknowledged with three finalist selections for the Best of IBS Awards in the Best Indoor Product category. The three products include:

SmartCycle Lighting:

  • Automatically adjusts color temperature and brightness to emulate the sun throughout the day
  • High-quality lighting promotes health benefits associated with a proper circadian rhythm
  • Exceeds industry standards to replicate natural light with a CRI rating of 92+, 2000K-6500K white range and true colors of RGBWW LEDs
  • Built-in app feature is customizable to fit every schedule, task and preference
  • Learn more about SmartCycle lighting: https://byjasco.com/smart-cycle

Wi-Fi In-Wall Smart Switches:

  • Patent-pending Emergency Flash function visually indicates location to first responders and neighbors
  • Smart bulb mode allows continuous connection between smart bulbs and switches, which isn’t standard with traditional smart switches
  • Supports full functions, such as variable color temperature, dimming and scenes, of the Wi-Fi switch and bulb
  • Creates perfect task lighting for any need through scenes, which are activated from the smart device or app

Wi-Fi Ecosystem:

  • Creates a comprehensive smart home anyone can operate with ease
  • Supports a whole-home circadian lighting solution to promote overall wellness
  • Includes in-wall and plug-in devices as well as LED bulbs and fixtures
  • Fully integrates with Alarm.com and all products work together seamlessly through the JascoPro Series app

Learn more about Jasco Products


Neezo Studios

As a leader of the PropTech industry, Neezo Studios always works to create new and innovative products that provide effective and successful real estate sales and marketing experiences. At IBS, they announced new products under their LiveSite™ software brand. LiveSite™ is an industry-leading suite of real estate visualization software, enabling memorable and effective sales experiences, in turn creating a smarter way to sell real estate. 

LiveSite™ Community:

LiveSite™ Community is an intuitive sales & marketing platform powered by real-time data with a robust feature set. Features in LiveSite™ Community include:

  • Intuitive Unit Search
  • 3D Area Amenities
  • Building Amenities
  • 2D & 3D Floor Plans
  • Day/Night/Seasons Cycle

LiveSite™ Enterprise:

LiveSite™ Enterprise is a revolutionary integrated visualization platform developed by NEEZO Studios in partnership with Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. Features in LiveSite™ Enterprise include:

  • 2D & 3D Floor Plans
  • 2D & 3D Interactive Site Maps
  • 2D & 3D Exterior & Kitchen Configurators
  • Supports Single & Multi-Family Developments

LiveSite™ Tours:

LiveSite™ Tours is an immersive 3D visualization experience that allows users to configure interior and exterior spaces based on theme-based or an a-la-carte option selection. Features in LiveSite™ Tours include:

  • Full-Home 3D Walkthroughs
  • Configurable Exterior Views
  • Web-Based, Mobile Optimized
  • Theme-Based & A-La-Carte Customization

Learn more about NEEZO Studios


Carrier HVAC

Carrier Smart Thermostat:

Carrier’s newest addition to its connected controls portfolio improves homeowner connectivity at a lower price point. The 24V thermostat, launching commercially as the Carrier Smart Thermostat, makes its builder debut at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.

Learn more about Carrier Corporation



Broan® BLP150 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), Hardwired:

The new Broan BLP150 ERV is the industry’s most versatile and advanced fresh air system, created to simplify the design, specification and installation process while delivering superior air quality in a low profile design. Experience the quickest installation in its class, saving up to 20 minutes per unit, thanks to the revolutionary auto-balancing and self-adjusting VIRTUO™ technology. Its adaptable airflow configuration, with a simple flip of a switch, eliminates the hassle of multiple models for different layouts.

Learn more about Broan-NuTone


Avid RatingsAvidWarranty™ Platform Image


Powered by the latest innovations in AI, AvidWarranty™ redefines home warranty management, offering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness for builders and homebuyers. It empowers homebuilders with the tools to quickly address and resolve warranty issues, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Learn more about Avid Ratings


GE Appliances & Savant

GE Appliances EcoBalance System has joined forces with Savant Systems to introduce a cutting-edge whole-home solution that redefines modern living. This innovative collaboration offers a streamlined experience for home builders and homeowners, providing effortless installation and user-friendly app control. Features include:

  • Energy Efficient Design: Next-gen appliances, HVAC, water heaters, and smart home products.
  • Smart Home Integration: Using a centralized smart app.
  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Solar panels, energy storages, and EV chargers for balanced grid usage.
  • Savings & Sustainability: Reduced energy costs and carbon emissions without dropping style or performance.

Learn more about GE Appliances & Savant

Learn more about the TecHome Builder & Housing Transformation Summit Sponsors that were at IBS this year:


Aquor Water Systems


Avid Ratings

Best Buy Business

Biorev, LLC

Carrier Corporation

Deako Lighting

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd.


ECI Software Solutions

Environment One Corporation

FlowGuard Gold

GAF Energy

GE Appliances

Greenheck Fan Corporation


Jasco Products Company



Maverick Insurance and Warranties

Moen Incorporated

NEEZO Studios


Panasonic Eco Systems North America

Simpson Strong-Tie

Stiebel Eltron


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