Green Motion EV Smart Breaker Chargers

Eaton’s Green Motion EV chargers create new possibilities for smart, sustainable transportation and help builders seize new opportunities created by vehicle electrification. Powered by Eaton’s smart breaker technology, Eaton’s EV charging design combines fast AC charging, revenue-grade metering and remote access within the traditional footprint of a circuit breaker. Eaton’s EV smart breaker chargers install directly in a loadcenter, EV wall charger or single or dual port pedestals based on where the car is parked. This means efficient and simple installation, with fewer components and hardware, and multiple options that are easy and fast to deploy.

Consumer Benefits

Eaton smart breakers will be essential in how homeowners control energy costs and advance sustainability. Whether in new construction and retrofits to existing homes, Eaton’s smart breakers enable intelligent home energy management through monitoring and control of many connected appliances and devices. Delivering new insights into energy usage with advanced metering. And enabling homeowners to control essential and non-essential energy usage. Maximize renewables, energy storage and make your infrastructure work smarter by balancing home energy loads based on your priorities. Gain the flexibility to manage home energy usage so homeowners, energy storage and solar providers can power essential loads at home for longer during a power outage. And redirect energy to power what you need when you need it.

Builder Benefits

This unique design enables builders to provide faster, more cost-effective charging using technology that’s easy and familiar to install. Further, Eaton’s EV smart breaker charger is embedded with intelligence, supporting:

  • Energy savings and efficiency with ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Speed and control through fast AC L2 charging at 7.7 kilowatts, 240 volts AC and highly accurate metering accuracy (+/-0.2%), and enabling homeowners to control the rate of charge
  • Customization with open platforms—open APIs and Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) support
  • Staying connected with Eaton’s EV driver app, setting charging schedules to optimize costs, receive alerts and notifications

As adoption of electric vehicles increases, creative solutions to manage electrical loads are critical. Eaton’s approach to EV charging is unique. Eaton sees EV charging as a key element to building and home energy systems, and its Green Motion EV charging technology enables builders to create smart, flexible power systems that charge during off-peak hours, reducing the cost for homeowners to fuel up, and taking advantage of the energy transition and vehicle electrification.


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