The COVID pandemic has triggered an unprecedented shift from work in the office to work from home (WFH) for millions in America. The WFH trend was the most important driver of the 2020-2021 housing and residential real estate boom and persists as a driver of new household formation and moves for buyers seeking more space, more comfort and a better accommodation of WFH. WFH is intrinsically a tech-centric trend as a stack of traditional workplace technologies, especially including video conferencing, are at the heart of WFH. Given these massive and fairly obvious facts, what (beside pointing to the option of an extra bedroom) are builders and their vendors and trade partners doing to leverage WFH and win more buyers because of it? In this session, we’ll look comprehensively at winning with WFH including:

  • The tech stack including built-in infrastructure elements and attached devices
  • WFH accessory tech like shade control and motorization, lighting control, indoor air quality and remote door control and communication
  • Room design including access to and control of natural light, work ergonomics, acoustics and sound attenuation
  • Furniture for model homes and potential reselling
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