You’d have had to be on another planet to not see that video conferencing is on fire as a top application. The market for video conferencing gear and services is projected to double to nearly $12 billion annually by 2027 by TechRepublic, and I think that underestimates attachment sales like mounts and large screen displays, room acoustics and lighting.

These video conferencing tools will be needed in homes to enable more productive execution of work and learn from home activities, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let me say it plainly: this is a huge, sustained opportunity–an opportunity for builders and multifamily operators to give their buyers and renters essential solutions that will provide sustained utility, an opportunity to differentiate and show how closely you are tuned to your customers’ needs, an opportunity to increase revenues and profits.

Go to your tech platform provider and tech integrators and trade partners right now and ask them to articulate packages for you. Here’s some advice to consider, gleaned from a webcast we did on the subject recently. Categories to consider include:

    • A minimum of 100 MBS speed for a home with multiple power users, with appropriate firewalls for network security and ideally remote monitoring and management for reliability,
    • A robust commercial grade WiFi hub housed in a plastic enclosure and complemented with Cat 5E or better wire runs to locations where video conferencing will take place.
    • Quality of image and voice capture and AV playback on video conference is important in work from home apps and desired in learn from home and personal video conferencing. This translates to:
      • Upgraded cameras with features like Pan-Tilt-Zoom and automatic motion tracking for the pacing type like me.
      • Upgraded microphones for higher resolution capture of voice and filtering of background noise.
      • Speakers for improved listening.
      • Large screen HD displays that can either be wall mounted or on articulated desk-based mounts.
      • For ease of installation consider integrated combinations like soundbar + mic + camera.
      • Acoustical treatments that cut down on echo in hard surfaced rooms are another option.
      • Color tuned light from ceiling or desk can help create superior image quality for video conferencing, and control of natural light with motorized, remote control shades can be appropriate in some settings

My webcast co-host, Joe Lautner, pulled together assortments for four packages.

Webcast panelists, Dan Fulmer, owner/operator of Jacksonville-based Fultech Solutions, offers a number of packages in collaboration with his builder partners.

Fulhouse Smart Home Systems

And Mike Grubb, VP of Marketing for Legrand, has been busy with his team pulling together a number of solutions including a number that double team in commercial offices along with residential.


Corporate Solutions

Education Solutions

Huddle Spaces

Everyone smells this opportunity. The questions now are speed, quality, learning as you go and refining your offers. Happy hunting!

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