Power outages are becoming more frequent with severe weather and aging infrastructure. Just this past February, Texas experienced a widespread power outage crisis when hit with an arctic blast that strained the power grid, leaving millions without electricity. California residents face power grid shut offs this summer in an effort to prevent wildfires from wires. The East coast has frequently experience outages due to hurricanes and snowstorms. With many working from home and some needing power for medical devices, demand for generators has increased.

Homebuilders can help prepare for their clients’ needs by building homes that are generator- ready. Generac helps their dealers and consumers simplify installation by launching the Upgradable Integrated Meter Transfer Switch, the first of its kind in the market.

“Every new construction needs a utility meter and the demand for generators is not slowing down,” says Dan Harmeyer, account manager for Builder & Energy Alliance Program at Generac. “This is a great opportunity to add value.” When a consumer decides to make their new home “gen ready”, they can save upwards of 20% on their future generator system installation.

Generac’s new Upgradable Integrated Meter Transfer Switch meets updated 2020 National Electrical Code for a utility disconnect located at the meter. The installation of the meter and the switch combined not only provides an all-in-one solution for the homeowner, but saves time for the installer, reducing labor costs slightly as well.

This switch will be available in the fall of 2021 and is a great choice for single family luxury and production builders. It’s available in 150amp or 200amp, with a plan for a 400 amp option in 2022.

Watch the Future of Home Power featuring Generac and Racepoint Energy.

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