From Contract to Lifetime Customer
The Foundation buyer experience platform helps homebuilders sell more homes, more efficiently, to happier customers.

For almost all homebuilders, the purchase agreement is where the core digital experience ends. Over the course of a transaction, the average buyer faces dozens to hundreds of touchpoints, fragmented across people, channels, and products.

The Foundation Closing Concierge & Ownership Experience
Foundation solves the most-underserved parts of the buyer journey: closing and ownership.

Foundation Closing Concierge
The Foundation Closing Concierge holds a buyer’s hand from contract through close. In doing so, we deliver two key outcomes:

  • Happier buyers who have self-service, on-demand access to the information they need
  • More efficient teams who can focus on the next sale instead of answering rote questions

Happier buyers have their own 2nd-order benefits: more referrals, fewer concessions, fewer warranty requests, and higher repeat purchase rates.

For margin-focused builders, sales efficiency is its own goal — Foundation helps your teams focus on the next incremental sale.

Foundation Ownership Experience
The Foundation Ownership Experience turns builder transactions into lifetime relationships. We help your homeowners manage their new home — and then leverage that ongoing engagement to drive outcomes such as:

  • Low-cost buyer acquisition via referrals & repeat purchases
  • Lifetime revenue that we generate with our managed partner marketplace
  • Key business insights that we mine from your owner network

For builders looking for efficient growth, ongoing revenue, and data to inform key decisions — Foundation turns your owners into one of your best assets.

Key Takeaways

  • Foundation’s products are our Closing Concierge and Ownership Experience
  • Foundation helps homebuilders sell more homes, more efficiently, to happier customers
  • These are your customers, not ours — Foundation’s products are white-labeled, so buyers interact with your brand
  • This isn’t “one-size fits all” software that is dropped off on your doorstep. We partner with you every step of the way, from a seamless implementation through to lifetime buyer relationships


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