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EVERVOLT® Home Battery System

The EVERVOLT® Home Battery System is a modular residential storage system that supports both DC and AC coupling, making it a versatile solution for both new and existing solar installations. This fully integrated energy storage solution combines a hybrid inverter, lithium-ion battery and the new EVERVOLT® SmartBox, to offer maximum 18kWh lithium-ion battery capacity. To store excess power during outages, homeowners can have up to four EVERVOLT® Home Batteries stacked to a single EVERVOLT® SmartBox to achieve up to 30kW of power and 72kWh of usable energy to provide maximum power and meet even the heaviest demands. Featuring a compact and sleek design, this system can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be mounted to either the floor or wall to make any homeowner’s needs. The EVERVOLT® Home Battery System also comes with an easy-to-use app that makes managing, monitoring, and controlling capacity and usage that much easier for homeowners. This system is protected by the EVERVOLT® AllGuard All System Warranty which protects the system for up to 12 years. When installed by an installer, it offers customers comprehensive protection covering product, performance and labor across all major systems and components of the solar installation.

Consumer Benefits:

The Panasonic EVERVOLT® Home Battery System collects and stores a surplus of solar power so homeowners can use it when they need it most. The battery seamlessly integrates with Panasonic’s portfolio of high efficiency solar powers to create an abundance of clean energy for decades to come. Additionally, it can be paired with existing and new solar PV systems or use without solar panels as a standalone energy storage system that protects you when the unexpected happens. With a weatherproof design suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, homeowners can stay prepared and protected from grid failures and peak energy rates with their own personal storage. In the case of an emergency, EVERVOLT® provides best-in-class power output during grid outages compared to competitor models. For easy energy management, the EVERVOLT® can be paired with the EVERVOLT® app to make monitoring battery status, tracking usage and controlling specific loads from your phone a breeze. As one of America’s most trusted brands, Panasonic offers homeowners one of the best battery warranties in the industry. Whether homeowners are in year three or year ten, Panasonic offers one of the best long-term, reliable warranties, so it will be there when they need it most.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

The Panasonic EVERVOLT® Home Battery System’s compact, sleek design aims to improve and enhance the installation process for Panasonic’s Authorized Installers. With an expandable, modular design, installers can easily install a battery system a variety of ways including indoors, outside or mounted to a wall. Installers can seamlessly integrate the battery with a new or existing home energy system, both DC and AC suited, for a smooth installment. The EVERVOLT® is equipped with an integrated transmitter to ensure an easy installation of rapid shut down devices for safe PV array connections. Stackable and lightweight, installers can efficiently connect up to four units together for additional energy storage. The Panasonic EVERVOLT® Home Battery System is available in three sizes including 9 kWh, 13.5 kWh, and 18 kWh to meet an installation company’s growing customer energy demands.

Because installers play such an important role in the customer’s journey and satisfaction, Panasonic carefully evaluates installers to ensure that reliable, trustworthy firms are helping educate customers and build the right system for their home. This also makes it easy for homeowners to identify installers that meet Panasonic’s high standards of excellence by looking for those who are part of the company’s Authorized Installer Program. That is why Panasonic launched the Authorized Installer Program in 2016, to better evaluate and authorize reliable installers who meet the necessary qualifications and maintain Panasonic’s high standard of excellence. Another new resource for installers, Panasonic recently created a Learning Management System (LMS) portal, an all-inclusive education and training tool. Panasonic’s LMS provides certified installers with technical instructions, business resources and EVERVOLT® solar system guides, all easily accessible. Additionally, Panasonic offers authorized installers marketing support through the PowerHub®, a one-stop shop for marketing materials, first access to EVERVOLT® products and rebates and promotional materials.


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