Upcoming Events: Nov 5-7, 2024 Pasadena CA • April 15-17, 2025 Orlando FL

Addressing a market estimated at $50 billion annually, the TecHome Builder Summit drives extraordinary progress on technology for the nation’s biggest and most progressive single-family homebuilders and multifamily companies.

Guests attend the event to:

  • Learn how to leverage home tech as a competitive tool to win sales vs. used homes.
  • Update home tech merchandise assortments, standard offers, option and upgrade packaging and go-to-market strategies.
  • Refine their tech plays – category-by-category, benefit-by-benefit, room-by-room, application-by-application.
  • Improve their processes for planning, selling, marketing and delivering tech.
  • Establish the vendor and peer relationships they need to lead on tech in a strategic, sustainable way.

The TecHome Builder Summit focuses on three tracks:

High Volume
Home tech for high-volume single-family homebuilders, with 50-50,000+ starts annually, including the very biggest multi-market builders and regional builders. Strengthening and broadening tech and improving processes are content keys.

Home tech for luxury custom builders serving high-end clientele. We work to expand builders’ understanding of the possibilities of lux and how to present to clients and design product in early in the process.

In-unit, shared space and property-wide tech for large multifamily property developers and operators. Product, process and investment justification are covered in general sessions.

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